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Amanda Reed Memorial Scholarship

Updated: Jan 5

Supporting scholars who demonstrate their caring and generous nature through a commitment to ending dating violence and/or domestic abuse. 

Applicants must:

- Be a graduate or graduating senior from a public or private high school located within Boone, Ogle, Stephenson or Winnebago County in Illinois;

- Have a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0;

- Reflect Amanda’s compassionate and caring nature; and

- Demonstrate a commitment to domestic violence prevention in their school or the wider community through volunteering, advocacy, projects, or other activities.


Academic Performance will be given moderate consideration in the selection process.

Strong preference will be given to applicants who provide a reference from someone familiar with their work in domestic violence prevention, such as a volunteer site supervisor.

Learn more about the Amanda Reed Memorial Scholarship.

This scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL). CFNIL's scholarship application opens December 1 and closes February 1 every year. Learn more about CFNIL's scholarship program and application process at

Questions about this scholarship? Contact CFNIL at


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