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Larry and Betty McGee Scholarship

Updated: Jan 5

Supporting students entering technology fields.

Applicants must:

- Currently reside in Winnebago County;

- Be a current college freshman;

- Be enrolled in a field of study related to technology, such as computer science, engineering, or applied sciences;

- Demonstrate a history of participation in a number of extracurricular and community activities; and

- Demonstrate a moderate level of financial need.


Academic performance will be given high priority consideration in the selection process.

Preference may be given to students attending a college or university in the state of Illinois or a military academy.

Scholarship is renewable for up to three years as long as criteria is met.

Learn more about the Larry and Betty McGee Scholarship.

This scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL). CFNIL's scholarship application opens December 1 and closes February 1 every year. Learn more about CFNIL's scholarship program and application process at

Questions about this scholarship? Contact CFNIL at


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