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Scholarship fair 2019

Scholarship providers and attendees at Scholarship Fair 2019

In 2012, local organizations came together to hold a Scholarship Fair for the benefit of students (and aspiring students!) in northern Illinois. The success of that first fair ensured it would become an annual tradition, connecting providers of local scholarships and other types of financial aid resources to people planning to further their education. In 2019, nearly 400 people from across the region attended the Fair. 

When it became clear that the impact of COVID-19 would not permit an in-person 2020 Scholarship Fair, the presenting partners made the most of the opportunity and established, a one-stop-shop for details about local private scholarships, as well as information about broader financial resources.

The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, Rockford Public Library, and Rock Valley College Foundation are pleased to provide this resource to the communities of northern Illinois, and hope it will increase access to resources and information for students, parents, counselors, providers, and people interested in supporting students' aspirations for years to come.

We believe every student should have access to resources to support their educational aspirations.

Our Mission

To connect people in northern Illinois to comprehensive information about local scholarship opportunities as well as information about the broader realm of financial aid. 

Scholarship fair 2019 - WOTM Scholarship providers
Our Mission

Our Vision

Every person in our region has access to the information and resources they need to achieve their educational aspirations. 

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