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Nettie and Jesse Gorov Scholarship

Updated: Sep 25

To provide educational resources to current college students or non-traditional students planning to attend a college or university to pursue a degree.

Applicants must:

- Be a current college student or non-traditional student with a permanent address within Boone, Ogle, Stephenson, or Winnebago County;

- Attend or plans to attend an accredited two or four year school;

- Exhibit character and scholastic achievement; and

- Have an EFC of less than 5,000.

Learn more about the Nettie and Jesse Gorov Scholarship.

This scholarship is administered by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL). CFNIL's scholarship application opens December 1 and closes February 1 every year. Learn more about CFNIL's scholarship program and application process at

Questions about this scholarship? Contact CFNIL at

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